Welcome, Navigating the Menu and Contacting Support

Take a brief tour of the menu items in the menu on the left of Squeegee and see how to contact the support team here.

Lecture content

1.1: Welcome

Welcome to Squeegee, the software that looks after all your jobs, customers, scheduling, quoting, invoicing, payments and accounts.

1.2: Navigating the menu.

The menu on the left of the screen is where you navigate around the app.

Note that after training, if you need further support, press the “support” button. This will take you to some FAQ answers. If these answers do not help, do not hesitate to contact the Squeegee support team by pressing ‘contact the team’

Under the support button, there are sections with different tabs allowing for easy navigation around the app.

  • Section 1 includes the planners and navigation tools;
  • Followed by section 2, containing: customers, the owing list and customer communication;
  • The third section contains Quotes and invoices;
  • Then expenses, payments / chart of accounts and reporting;
  • The fifth section shows your workplaces users, teams and job groups as well as the job services your business offers and the main 'all attachments' view.
  • The final section offers the sync now feature, about page, sign out button, pc/mac squeegee installation button and a quick refresh, “reload app” button.

Different user permissions limit the side menu permissions so that only the tools needed for each member of staff are available.

For workers go to module 2.

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