Smashing Glass

My father and my uncle worked together when they were younger as window cleaners
way before we had water-fed poles and apps like Squeegee, just a bucket, a book and some old wooden ladders. 




My father moved onto contract cleaning years later, but window cleaning remained the backbone of the business. I left school at 15 and worked for my father as a window cleaner for several years learning the craft as it was then. I spent my days cleaning every type of window from residential to commercial with ladders and a bucket.

I left the business after 7 years and moved onto other things, returning some 23 years later.


I had just recently sold a business and was looking to slow down, so after discussing several options, Window Cleaning seemed the right fit. There was a lack of window cleaning companies in my area and more so, a lack of quality companies offering a quality service.


Obviously things have changed somewhat since my time working on the glass all those years ago, however I felt that being predominantly traditional may set me apart from my competition.


As a company, we have very quickly established ourselves as one of, if not the best in The Vale of Glamorgan, and while we are by no means the biggest we are steadily growing.We have already secured several large contracts for commercial cleans and our residential side is growing nicely. Since starting in October 2017 we have adapted our methods including a water fed pole system which remains larger for high reach cleaning, whilst keeping our traditional cleaning for lower levels which our customers love.


Automating systems with Squeegee


My wife Laura has been running the administration side and up until recently found using a diary to be satisfactory, however with the constant increase in new customers and additional services offered she has struggled. That’s when we decided to look for an electronic option, after searching the Web and speaking to some fellow window cleaners Squeegee came out on top.


We opted for the free version and set it up on my mobile and the office laptop, almost immediately we felt a sense of relief. It was so easy and user friendly, just adding each customer (we have only started with residential so far) it was a breeze.




Daily Organisation and insights


Using the app on a day to day basis is a joy, instead of using scraps of paper I now just press a button and it's done, showing me where to go next. I enjoy seeing how much I’ve earnt that day and how much I can earn.


The functions on the free app are fantastic and I'm sure you could use it for some time, however we are upgrading soon as my wife now wants to follow my progress from her phone.


Professional look to customers


I love being able to add new customers on the app as I'm out, it looks so much more professional than adding them to your little book.


All in all, Squeegee has transformed our little business and I look forward to going out and using it everyday.

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