Back to School



Are you ready for the new term? New beginnings aren't just for children moving up to the next class in their crisp new uniform, it's for you in your business too! Time to implement changes to your business, and time for us to continue developing yet more new features. 


So what's new?



Redesigned Customer Form


The redesign of the customer form has made adding new customer details or editing existing ones even easier. It's now only on one screen with no 'next' steppers and clearer settings.  It's so easy to set up default notification methods from here ready for appointment reminders, payment requests and messages. 


Redesigned Job Form


Like the customer form, the job form has now made the process of quickly creating new appointments, quotes, one off jobs or recurring jobs on a schedule sleeker. Did you know that you can select frequencies in days, weeks, months or even on a particular day of the week on a set week of the month, or a set date every month? 



More Default Settings


There are now more features that allow you to change global settings, such as the many more tokens that are now available in default messages. We have also added options to globally update how the invoices are generated, and the ability to set your own default job frequency to save you even more time when adding new jobs. 



More and more of our users who work in teams are now enjoying the benefits of the multi-user feature with connected premium accounts. This has made admin even more efficient as now work can be assigned to users, which shows up in their 'my work' section. With a swipe, this still updates the whole system when jobs are completed, skipped or replanned and decisions can be made quickly about reassigning jobs where needed to keep customers happy.  



In addition to the simple way users can replan appointments or update the whole schedule for selected jobs individually or in bulk, there is now a feature that allows the entire schedule to be shifted. This is so useful for holidays and those unavoidable days away from work meaning the admin leading up to a break or in returning to work is minimal. It also gives users the option to delete all existing overdue appointments to have a clean work planner and sends you a backup just in case there is a need to revert back. 


Squeegee Feature Comparison


We're often asked about how Squeegee compares with other scheduling software, so we have gathered and compiled the information available from the web, our own customer feedback, product documentation and through testing these products ourselves where possible. If you spot any inaccuracies, please let us know so we can confirm them and update the information. 


Squeegee Standard
Squeegee Premium
Cleaner Planner Basic
Cleaner Planner Pro
Smart Round
Round Partner
Price Per Month (inc VAT)
Web App
IOS and Android App
Full functionality on app
Guaranteed daily backups
Automatic import from other systems
Real time sync between web & app
Simple swipe actions on mobile app
Rescheduling on ios or android app
Route navigation incl future dates
Sort route by planned order
Sort route by distance
Sort route by travel time
Sort route by Start time
Overdue jobs list
Owing list
Configurable payment period
Ability to take manual card payments
Full integration with Stripe for online card payments
Full integration with GoCardless for Direct Debit payments
SMS payment requests
Email payment requests
SMS appointment reminder
Email appointment reminder
SMS (general)
Email (general)
Log phone reminders
Multi-device use with realtime syncing
Intelligent address lookup
Full invoicing with search function
Customer status reports
Jobs status reports
Financial reporting

Information given is correct, to the best of our knowledge, as of September 1st 2018.