Apple vans seen in huge update!

apple maps update?

Apple has announced that the overhauled mapping service will be :

"more responsive to changes in roads and construction and feature more detailed ground cover, foliage and pedestrian paths."

After members of our team have spotted vans in Ross-on-Wye and Hereford, we are hopeful that even though the timescale for international roll-out hasn't yet been shared, that it will be shortly after the next iOS 12 beta covering San Francisco according to TechCrunch with the rest of the US being updated region by region. 

The original release in 2012 resulted in the chief executive, Tim Cook, writing a letter of apology to apple customers as the service was so poorly received. Back then, they relied on data provided by TomTom, OpenStreetMap and other geo data sources, but almost immediately after release, they realised that they needed lots of help in filling in the gaps in location, base map, point-of-interest and business data. 

The goal now, is for Apple to own all of the data that goes into the creation of a map, and to control it from a quality as well as privacy perspective. By owning the data themselves, they can make changes to road layouts almost immediately when they happen, compared to the months it may have taken previously. 

We look forward to seeing the new revamped version and comparing it to Google!


The Telegraph