The Squeegee Vision

The idea of squeegee was born out of two things; a highly innovative bunch of developers and deep connections into the window cleaning service industry. The team had built some very clever technology and were looking to use it to solve some common problems that some of us were already very familiar with. Time and again we came back to how window cleaners really weren't best served when it came to technology, in fact we realised the service industry in general was missing an innovative software solution. Friends of ours in the industry would often complain of this, but also some of us having worked as window cleaners had bad memories of the struggles ourselves!

With this in mind and one of our many brainstorming sessions Squeegee came to be, with the idea of a basic free app for smaller businesses, providing the essential tools for scheduling and keeping track of payments. The team spent months researching how window cleaners work including the necessary administrative tasks,

before beginning development. The app was designed with ease of use and time saving as the two priorities meaning that window cleaners would no longer have to print out worksheets and then manually check off work and payments at home.

The team always wanted to work from the bottom up, perfecting the free app before working on the add-on features for those in more established  or larger businesses. From the very beginning, a group of Beta testers trialed the features providing constant feedback and suggestions on features that would be useful. This was invaluable and such an integral part of the way the team at squeegee work, with the users in mind, not money.

There was a huge amount of research into the address look-up - the developers wanted an accurate solution that was world wide, and free for their users, but after trialling lots of free and cheaper version, they found them to not be accurate enough. They settled on a paid version based in the UK which is the best in the field using the improved UK pathfile with manual updates. For this reason, they had to create  a limit on how many address look-ups were provided free of charge for their free users, with unlimited look-ups for paid users.

Once the pro version was released in November, the number of users who signed up organically through searches started to grow. The same level of commitment and customer service was devoted to each, but it became apparent that for continued growth, there needed to be some extra people to help with support and marketing. The company grew to encompass this, freeing up more of the developers’ time to keep going with the creation of new innovative features. Some of this driving by their research, some driven by the useful feedback from the beta testers.