Meet the Team


Mark S


Co-founder, CEO and CAO (Chief Amazement Officer)

Sleep deprived dad of three and pioneer of innovation. Heading up the UK office, Mark leads the entire design and build process to create compelling and usable web application solutions for forward thinking enterprises. Mark nurtures an ‘anti-walled’ garden assembling services that integrate seamlessly with any device on any platform. Mark is most proud of the fact that thousands of users have chosen Squeegee to simplify their work and get their time back.




Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer

After moving to the USA back in 2001, James made quick work of establishing his lineage as a parent of two teenagers and more recently a little girl. He is known for his critical thinking and problem solving skills and as the co-founder with established roots in the States, James is growing Squeegee to be a truly international success.  James is a thinker and is constantly analysing technology, bringing the very latest concepts to empower users of Squeegee wherever they might be and whatever they might be doing. James is most proud of the innovative work planner UI in Squeegee. It’s worlds apart from anything on job planning that was out there, so easy to use and provides a unique snapshot view.




Founding member and CTO

BBQ man and tech nerd. Addicted to coffee, creating cool stuff and experimenting with VR, Ed specialises in enterprise application architecture, single page applications and multithreading. He likes (but doesn’t always write) perfectly neatly ordered code that produces great things, Ed is particularly proud of the  awesome realtime multi-device global synchronization engine, it’s really is cool - just try it out.



Mark T

Founding member, senior developer and map man

Family man and boardgame wizard, always searching for a dad-joke to help his colleagues feel even younger. He wants to know where stuff happened so he can stick it on a map and show people the birds-eye view.  Make it geospatial and he’s happy; because maps are cool. Driven by the quip ‘what’s the worst that can happen?’ he likes to wear belts and braces whilst working on the infrastructure. Mark is most proud of the groovy Day Pilot feature in Squeegee - magical route optimisation in real time.




Founding member, developer and User Experience Evangelist

Exuberant visual ninja and hardware geek. Defiantly brilliant, Jack is a graduate Padawan who is all about the look and feel of Squeegee as the user, ensuring ease of use whilst oozing style and charm. Jack spends most of his day zooming into minute detail, delivering precise tools to execute front-end functionality. Jack’s proudest work within Squeegee is the data visualisation on the insight screens and the ease of use with swipe actions - smooth!




Marketing Manager, Customer Relations Guru and Designated data protection officer

Mummy and newbie geek. Susie is a friendly voice at Squeegee, reaching out to customers day and night to show how easily they can transition to using the app. She is the chief of ads and affectionately known as the office grammar police. Susie’s proudest piece of work for Squeegee is the design and creation of the digital workforce you see around the website and marketing materials.




Founding member and Inspiration Officer

Awe-inspiring visual composer and Supermum. With a keen eye for precise placement and the ability to bend the laws of physics with light, Jemma sees and creates the sublimely beautiful. Her creative flare which is woven through Squeegee is intertwined with a passion to help people, ensuring they have the smoothest of experiences when requesting support. Jemma’s proudest work in Squeegee is the art used within the app and in promotional materials. 




Junior Developer